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Here’s Why Doug Contacted Gary Holt…

“As a company, we had reached a plateau without the wisdom to proceed to the next level. With the help of Gary Holt we have gained the management and marketing knowledge to raise us to the next level and beyond. If you want a diploma for your office wall go to college, if you want to learn how to run a successful business talk to Gary Holt. 80% of second-generation businesses fail, with the management and marketing knowledge we have gained from Gary Holt we are prepared to take our company into the second-generation with confidence.”

Doug Rechstiener, President, Computer Operated Manufacturing, Inc.

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Management & Marketing Consulting For Business Valuation

ProfitPro is a unique company that provides both business management consulting and marketing services for our clients.

Every business is comprised of interdependent systems working together to achieve an overall goal. Each system has specific goals, driven by key performance indicators that determine the success of that system. If one system fails to achieve its designated goals, then the business fails to reach its full potential.

Every problem in business is caused by the lack of an effective system or by not following the system. We help businesses reach their full potential through review and analysis of the key business functions of Management, Operations, Finance, Marketing and Sales to identify the source of the problem and develop solutions

“Gary has a knack for keeping us focused on our vision. We never truly understood the process of creating a turn-key business and the incredible freedom that we can create for ourselves until we started working with Gary. Gary has a unique perspective as an outsider to our business and does not allow us to get bogged down in politics but helps us focus on tangible and intangible results so we can make good business decisions. Don’t just go through the motions with Gary, he will see right through you. If you aren’t true to your convictions this consultant might just fire you!”

Brian Stadler, CEO/President,
Wolgast Corporation

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