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Social Media for Business

Recently, I wrote a post featuring 19 AMAZING social media authorities who were kind enough to share their processes with us on how to build connections, nurture those connections, and protect those connections from risk of loss. I also connected with some other great authorities who were unable to participate in the post, but took the time to contact me and encouraged my work on the post.

If you didn’t get a chance to read the post, you can check it out here:

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In keeping with the theme of the post (gaining, nurturing, and protecting social media connections), I wanted to do something special to thank those very helpful new friends of mine for taking their time to help me create our most shared blog post.

I decided to write a thank you post by featuring the latest blogs of those who participated or sent an encouraging response to my request for help. Each of these people is an influencer in their respective niche for a good reason, and I know you’ll gain a lot of business knowledge by checking out their posts.

Without Further ado, here is the latest and greatest from these top influencers:


Adrienne Smith

How To Overcome Your Fear of Blogging


Neil Patel

Don’t Get Left Behind:
6 SEO Trends That’ll Affect Your Traffic


Joe Pulizzi

5 Things That Can Make Nonprofit Marketers More Effective[New Research]


Gini Dietrich

Introducing The Modern Blogging Masterclass


Nikki Little

How to Successfully Host Social Media Contests
& Giveaways


Brendan Dalley

Three Ways Twitter Makes You Smarter


Croft Edwards

Why Leadership is Like Planting    an Acorn


Shonali Burke

What’s On the New Multimedia Cart?


Ashley Faulkes

SearchLove: How This #SEO Conference in London Almost Melted My Brain


Harleena Singh

How To Manage Blogging And Life


Don Purdum

I Should, But I Don’t!


Donna Merrill

The Road Most Traveled


Carol Amato

7 Reasons Blogging Has a 95 Percent Failure Rate (and How To Avoid It)



Uttoran Sen

125 Marketing Quotes from Top Bloggers



Brent Jones

How I Wasted a Year
Blogging – and Here’s
What’s Next:


Andrew Warner

Reader Discussion: What Do You Blog About?


Robert Caruso

How Brands Execute Strategic Demand
Gen Campaigns


Curt Maly

Curt spends most of his time doing interviews and live trainings so I’ve put my recent interview with him below:

19 Social Media Authorities
Reveal the Risk Hidden in Your Profile



Neal Schaffer

How to Refine Your Visual Voice and Engage on Instagram – Podcast Ep. 116


David Meerman Scott

Ten Years of Content Marketing. Look How Far We’ve Come.


Cynthia Johnson

Tips for Surviving Social Media in a Mobile World


Seth Godin



Michael Stelzner

Instagram Strategy: How to Grow a Loyal Following With Instagram


Jon Morrow

7 Warning Signs You’re Suffering from Small
List Syndrome


So please help me to thank all of these wonderful people by reading, commenting on, and sharing their posts!

Don’t forget to grab a copy of our whitepaper “Case Study: Risk Management for Your Business Social Media Accounts” to protect your Business Social Media Accounts.

This easy to download pdf includes:

  • Tips from 19 Social Media Pros on How to Build, Nurture, and Protect Your Social Media Accounts
  • A Letter Template Proven to Engage Influencers
  • A Social Media Calendar Template
  • The Secret to Documentation that Reduces Risk

You can get it here:


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