Change to be Better

Change to be better is a methodical business practice of ever-changing strategies and innovation. A core belief of this method is that success is in learning and creating and passion. Most people don’t change their business practices because they believe that what they are doing is the best way. Unfortunately, the reasoning behind this is because it is how they were taught and, in some cases, tweaked by the individual based on their own strengths and abilities. It is what they are comfortable with, and many fear the unknown.

Breaking Bad Habits

Once a skill is developed, people get stuck in a routine; a habit. Habits are difficult to break. If a person is not challenged to do better, the routine and results become stagnant and growth stops. If growth stops then even minor increases in utilities, healthcare, supplies and other goods or services will eventually cause the business to fail. The great news is: this can easily be avoided! Incorporating a system of innovation, learning, and analysis can help people get out of this rut.

Have you ever had someone show you an easier way to accomplish a task? Did you refuse to adapt? Of course not! Why would you want to make your job harder? People will change to become better performers when they see, through learning, that they can do it better. There have been many times when I have heard people complain about not having enough time to get their work done. They shy away from additional meetings, seminars or conferences in favor of completing tasks. Those same people are the first to shun advice from higher-ups whom they feel don’t really know what their job entails. This is a pretty valid point because unless you sit with someone and ask them (or experience it with them), how could you?

The True Meaning of Teamwork

I feel that teamwork is often misunderstood in the business industry. So many people feel that as part of the team they should carry out their specific tasks while their co-workers and Management carry out their own tasks; which, when completed correctly, produce the products or services their Company is known for. Many people don’t realize that a real team plays to each individual player’s strengths. A team would get nowhere if they had 5 individuals looking to score and not willing to assist. Not only that, but each team member assists the other players in improving their skill level by providing them with helpful tips and best practices and, in return, their teammates do the same for them.

The Benefits of 3rd Party Interaction

Many people blanch at the phrase, “We’re hiring a consultant.” A common misconception is that consultants are going to threaten their job or replace them. People get consumed in the belief that they are going to be “tattled on” for doing things incorrectly or inefficiently; get an increased workload; or even worse, be replaced. I want to set the record straight. The purpose of hiring a systems consultant is to bring an objective learning process to the Organization that re-motivates people to improve through creativity as a team member.

A good systems consultant goes through the processes involved in each position and learns what each job entails. They would then work with that employee to innovate better methods for completing those tasks. A systems consultant’s main job is to obtain better results for the Organization. What better way is there to do that then by working with the employees who help make that place what it is?

Creating a Work Utopia

People want to succeed. I’ve never met anybody who didn’t want their work, their results, or their life to be better. If a person feels good about their job, they are much less likely to look for a new job (familiarity almost always wins out over fear of the unknown). I’ve always said, “People first, followed by Processes will lead to Profits.” When your employees are happy and productive, your Organization will flourish!

This blog was written as a collaborative piece by the Holt Marketing and Management staff! Further proof that teamwork helps you accomplish more!

What is the best advice you’ve received from another person…the worst? If you coach or consult, what was your best achievement? Do you have opinions about this article? We would love to know what you think on the subject! Call us at 989-791-2475 or click here to email us.

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Published On: October 31st, 2014 /

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