In the previous chapters we have discussed what documenting workflows and processes are about and why they are used by various sizes and types of companies. We discussed one of the best positive reasons for documenting workflows- growth and profitability and we also looked at reasons to have documented workflow processes from a risk aversion standpoint. There is another sizeable reason for having your processes documented so employees have clear workflows and expectations- time off.

By having processes documented and mapped out, efficiencies will grow and profits will be optimized and the benefits will come directly to you. Of course, you can invest these back into the business but remember to invest in yourself and your employees too.  A great way to reward yourself and others is by now being able to offer time off.

Trained employees can now fill in for each other with security that the job will be done correctly all around. The employees, that get to take vacation or can take sick time because there is coverage, will be more loyal to the company and more productive. Time off lowers employee stress and increases their satisfaction level and we all know that a happy staff is a productive and creative staff.

But don’t forget about you, the manager or owner. You have poured yourself into your company for years, and thanks to workflow efficiencies, you can take a vacation of your very own. Work will get done and critical tasks that you performed can be handled by others as needed now. So, you can take a long vacation, a short vacation, or better yet mix it up. You have efficiencies that should allow you to take a vacation and have an afternoon or day off during the week. You can spend time with family, run your own errands, or maybe play that game of golf, keeping you fresh and recharged so you can continue to put 110% into your business.

In the long run though there is one vacation that you should be able to look forward to by having your processes optimized and documented. You work to support yourself and your family, but most of all you work for retirement, the ultimate vacation goal. Security in your future is at ease because your company is able to operate without you or under new management. You don’t have to worry about your business at all because your care and forethought in documenting processes has allowed you to sell the company for the most profit obtainable. Is there a better reason to document workflows and processes?

Documented workflows and processes are great ways to ensure that your business will operate as if you are there, allowing you to take vacation and time off. Plus by having critical steps and processes documented, you allow for not only yourself but other employees to take time off when needed for illnesses, work injuries, family vacations, and deaths in the family. In the end though, they allow you to do what you have been working for since starting the company- retirement! To learn how to achieve this and reap the benefits of documented processes and workflows, contact Holt Marketing and Management Services via the web or 800-698-2449 x15.

Earn a Day Off or Vacation with Process Mapping!
Published On: November 27th, 2012 /

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