For a long time the wide-held belief has been that if you create a turn-key Organization, you have succeeded and are finished with systems development. However, because of rapidly developing technology and the high speed of marketplace change, the concept must be expanded even further.

An existing system without innovation cannot evolve. Creativity is the life blood of imagination and the only method known to proactively modify the turnkey to adapt to changes in the market and advancing technology. The new paradigm is: constantly evolving data combined with variance and analysis gives direction to new products, new markets, and new business models.

One of the world’s most successful turn key businesses has been McDonald’s.

The McDonald brothers started the hamburger business in the Fifties. McDonald’s original concept was so successful that the brothers opened up to ten franchise locations. Unfortunately, the franchise model failed and bankrupted the company because their original franchise models did not include enough detailed processes to replicate the operations end of the business.

In the Sixties, Ray Kroc discovered the surviving McDonalds Restaurant and convinced the brothers to sell him the rights to franchise it. But Ray Kroc took the time to detail every process down to the specifications of the hamburgers, the cooking time and every system and sub-system. In other words, he developed a turn key business model.

Fast forward to today. Today McDonalds sales and profits continue to decline. The CEO and the management have been fired and new store openings have almost stopped. How could it be that a successful turn-key business is failing? It shouldn’t be such a surprise if one considered the rise and fall of the American television business, textile business, automotive business, and many others…great American businesses that declined over time. In every case, the cause of decline was a failure of management to evolve based on changes in the market place.

Enter the new web-based management systems. Businesses today have a great advantage in that data can be collected faster and analyzed to see variances in demand. Research methods are available to see competitive changes or disruptive changes. Diversification and the new evolving Organization is not just the future, it is the best form of staying successful.

The new turnkey Organization must become a learning Organization

The new way to identify turnkey solutions (learn more about turnkey solutions at the link above) is through education. By educating employees, you will not only reduce errors and increase productivity, but will also develop a well-balanced individual who will then be able to better analyze the process from experience and offer more effective strategies and tactics.

It would be a shame to have your business plan fail because you didn’t put enough emphasis on the people. From top management to the part-time hourly rate worker, each employee is a partner in your company’s success; whether or not they are aware of it and whether or not they are just putting in the time or are highly productive.

Employees can be your company’s greatest asset or your biggest weakness.

An inadequately organized and trained workforce can easily be your downfall. The work may not be done correctly and employees will not feel pride in their work, will become frustrated and confused about their job requirements. This can lead to reduced productivity and increased job turnover.

On the other hand, a fully organized and trained workforce is confident about their ability to do the job. They are proud that management cares enough to make sure that all employees have the tools to complete the tasks required of them. Their confidence and pride turns into motivation and increased productivity. As a result, the employees work well individually—and as a team—to achieve the goals of the business.

You will also learn the value of creating an organizational chart to plot out the various critical duties within your business. Your organizational chart is a tool that should be carefully applied throughout key areas of your organization in order to maximize effectiveness.

First you will create an organizational chart. Then you will clearly define each job’s description, including overall responsibilities, tasks, and required results. You will discover the importance of seeing that employees understand—and commit to—their roles in accomplishing these results.

Click here for your free Organizational Chart Template


Unlike the other tools of business, people are human and by educating we can make it possible to place a quantitative value on creativity, honesty, diligence, loyalty, etc.

Learn more about the turnkey evolution by contacting Holt Marketing and Management here or call 989-791-2475. We’d love to hear your thoughts on where you think the future of turnkey business is headed…please leave a comment in the section below.

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Published On: April 24th, 2015 /

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