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The purpose and primary aim of an Organization should be to help people improve their life in some way. It’s a proven fact that Organizations and Businesses in any industry achieve their financial goals if their customers and their employees feel cared about, treated fairly, respected, and are successful in some way because of their association with that Organization.

This is especially true in the times they spend engaged with that Organization day by day. Businesses that use their vision statement to focus on the people within their organization as well as develop people-oriented mission statements, effective policies, total measurable systems, training, and skilled people will consistently deliver outstanding and valuable service. Because of honest and fair treatment, they will always be successful.

How to Motivate Employees in the Workplace:

People should not have to feel fearful, worried or angry. People should be able to feel confident, joyful, in control, and productive. The only way employees will give extraordinary service is if they feel they have all of the necessary processes, training, resources, time, and trustworthy leaders that build their confidence to perform better.

People are your ultimate advantage.

They must feel that they have 100% control of the work they are responsible for. Work must be laid out step by step, in check lists and standards so their process is clear. There must be allowances for variances. Time and capacity must be understood. Work must be in harmony with the mission statement of the Organization and the worker. Focusing on the process has proven more effective than focusing on the end result. Failure to achieve a successful result or having fear and anger happen because there was no process or because it wasn’t fulfilled, which can be traced back to a lack of leadership.

In order for Organizations and Businesses to achieve their ultimate potential, they may need to reprogram their thinking and beliefs from remaining the way they are to revisiting their mission statement, systems, and people to root out any untruths. They need to reprogram their thinking about the priority of this review. In fact, Organizational failure happens more quickly today because of events like lawsuits, changes in markets, and lack of profits that could have been avoided if those Organizations had put review and change first and not last.

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By focusing on change and improvement; both customers and employees will be more joyful, patient, accepting, non-judgmental, hopeful, and confident. This will lead to customers being 110% satisfied. While most Organizations understand the need to change, we find that they don’t have the level of commitment required for a transformation over time. Yet this decision cannot be put off because competitive advantage doesn’t last very long anymore. Even if your service or product can be copied, your people and your process remain your unique competitive advantage.

We have clients that are increasing profits regardless of increasing costs, thanks to our program which includes a continuous-improvement mindset. We are developing a new breed of transformation by revisiting and rewriting the playbook on how to deliver above market growth. This recipe for success includes:

  1. Revisit the mission and your state – Know where you are and where you need to go.
  2. Focus on people – Be building teams’ and individuals’ confidence.
  3. Score some quick wins – Get measurable improvements within 6 to 12 months.
  4. Reorganize – Listen and lead throughout the entire Organization to understand all of the truths as to what is holding people back from higher performance.
  5. Commit to Coaching – Great coaches always win because they provide constructive feedback, reinforce strengths, demonstrate caring, and help individuals work through problems; something that rarely happens in practice.
  6. Hardwire systems to create a performance culture – Change is constant so innovating systems is required to assure performance. This means measuring both behavior and metrics to teach and adjust performance.

A new breed of people transformation is taking place. Not only do the six pieces mentioned above have to fit, but the picture they create has to be clear and easily understood by everyone through the systems they use everyday. A strong leader needs to ensure that the enthusiasm and momentum continues through all conditions. This work is both challenging and rewarding. The purpose of our Organization is to help yours succeed in this.

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Published On: March 20th, 2015 /

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