This is a guest blog post written by Andrea Hewett, Social Media Business Director for Holt Marketing and Management Services, Inc. 

*Disclaimer: This is not like other blogs about LinkedIn. It is not intended to give you a few tips to push you in the right direction but ultimately leading you to failure because it left out the vital information you need to succeed. Read on to find out what you really need to use LinkedIn.

Okay, you can’t really improve your LinkedIn Profile without lifting a finger, right? Wrong. Before I share the how, let me explain the why…

Most people think that having a LinkedIn Profile is going to get them connections to a new job, new clients or new partnerships and then wonder why they are stuck in the same place they started. Maybe you’re thinking, I filled out every portion of the profile and I have an eye-catching headline but I still can’t land a job! Maybe you’re striving to bring in new business but those connections you’re inviting are either declining your invitation or have little interaction with you once they have accepted. Does any of this sound familiar?

You may think you already have an amazing profile. You may think that you don’t really have the time to put into creating something amazing… your profile has all the necessities and it has worked for you before. Regardless of what you have to offer, what is it really worth? Do people take notice? Is it getting you anywhere? More importantly, is it getting you to where you want to be? If you’re reading this, the answer to at least one of these questions is probably a resounding “no!” Even if you are confident with the effort you have put in, are you confident that it is better than that of your competition?

You may very well have an excellent profile, but what is it for? Your LinkedIn profile is like a resumé, right? I’ve heard that said in other blogs but it’s only partially true. If you are a business owner looking for new clients, how important is it for you to show that you’ve been with the last company (the company you own) for 30 years and then list prior companies (that may not even be in business any more)? Probably not as important as your headline or your summary of what you offer. Probably not even as important as listing your website. If you are a job seeker, then likening your profile to a resumé is a lot more important, as is making yourself stand out above the rest of your peers.

Is it important to have an amazing headline? The answer to that is yes, no matter who you are. What constitutes an amazing headline? It is all in the perception of the reader. You need to know whom your target reader is and what you expect to get out of your profile. Whether you are just getting started or you have been in business for yourself for years, you need to know what direction to take your profile in. Should I be funny? No. Should I perfect it and let it go? Probably not.

This brings us to the how. How do I do this without lifting a finger? There are so many things I need to fill out and so many ideas to consider…how will I find the time? The truth is, very little time is needed on your part. As for effort, what could be easier than telling your story to an attentive audience? I think you can see where I’m going with this. You need a professional to handle it for you. But how can I afford that? The cost, I can assure you, would be far less than the hours it would take you to do all the research and data entry needed to really make your profile stand out so it will work for you.

Holt Marketing and Management Services, Inc. has a staff that is trained in social media Networking and Marketing. We KNOW what you need to focus on and what will look good. We even have a way to test your profile against that of your peers! We are offering a special one time flat fee to set up and/or optimize your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages. Contact us today for more information.

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Published On: September 2nd, 2014 /

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