There Is No Management If There Is No Oversight

Once projects or work is assigned or delegated, it is the responsibility of that position’s manager to make sure the tasks within the project are completed. The best way is the proactive approach. Proactive means that the oversight manager has access to task lists and checks dates far enough in advance of the due date to be sure tasks are completed and work gets done.

Don’t Assume Employees Know What Is Expected Of Them

Many times the attitude is to expect things will get done because the work has been planned out and the employee knows what needs to be done. Of course this doesn’t always work because people forget. Another important thing to remember is that employees often get blindsided by unexpected tasks or problems and can often get behind on other important tasks.

Management’s job is to evaluate time and tasks based on the results expected. Usually key results are prioritized by the impact on the customer. Another priority could be the effect on profit or the business itself.

Observation Is Key, Even In Remote Work

In order to coach people effectively, on site observation of the process or tasks being done can give clues on how to make the right decisions.

  • Are unexpected issues or requests made of the employee?
  • What interruptions are occurring?
  • Does manpower need to be distributed for better effect?
  • Is the necessary information readily available in easy-to-use, easy-to-understand form?
  • Are supplier materials or sub-contractors available when they are needed?
  • Are there a sufficient number of quality control points in the workflow?
  • Are levels of rework and waste at an absolute minimum?

All of the above are a part of the oversight management system.

Oversight Includes Capacity Planning Of The Team

Oversight also includes having a capacity system. A capacity system is defined as how much an employee or team can produce in a given time frame. Knowledge of capacity helps management understand how long a task or project will take or how many workers are required.

If management knows now many tasks a worker can complete, then they can predict more accurate completion times and wages required. Capacity planning keeps management from flying by the seat of their pants.

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Oversight?

Remember the phrase “The Devil is in the details”? Many problems arise because there wasn’t enough oversight. Sometimes a manager will be called a micro-manager, but in many cases, that’s fine.

The definition of management is getting work done through others. Some tools a manager can use include calendar checklists, project management software, employee mandatory meetings and so forth.

A Real Life Example Of Oversight

I have a client that is growing rapidly which in turn means everyone is at maximum capacity. How can anyone keep track of the tasks each team member is doing?  Add the new fully remote work environment which makes oversight even more difficult.

The Marketing Department updated their internal systems and established an oversight loop that reduced the Department Managers direct time in oversight by 50%.

Here is a quick overview of the system:

  • Each team member analyzed their tasks from the previous 90 days.
  • Each team member used that data to create their job description.
  • From the job description, each team member know what is expected of them.
  • The team member blocks their Google calendar on Friday afternoon for the next week.
  • The Department Manager and Marketing Team lead meet each team member for 20 minutes every Monday.
  • The schedule is approved and locked for the week. The employee knows exactly what is expected of them, and management knows what each person is working on.
  • The Team Lead meets with each team member each morning for 10-15 minutes to review the schedule for the day and discuss any problems or changes in the schedule.
  • The Department Manager joins the calls on Wednesdays and Fridays to review any issues that may need resolved.

The Department Manager was able to reduce direct meetings by 50% while gaining more insight and oversight to what each of the 9 team members are working on.

This is an example of a efficient oversight loop.

Most Organizations Are Not So Organized

Most organizations don’t have a management oversight system and that is a problem. The oversight management system creates trust and the oversight adds verification. This system can eliminate problems immediately, which is why managers add value. While the above example system may look like micro-management to some, it has improved the moral of the team simply because each person knows exactly what is expected of them.

Implementing A Oversight System In Your Company May Not Be Easy

If the company in the example above was not process driven, this innovative oversight loop which required the department to pivot due to new remote working conditions, it never would have happened.

I was able to establish a baseline system and the team innovated the system which in turn created a more productive, engaged group allowing the Department Manager to work on special projects that add growth to the company.

Interested In Learning How Oversight Can Add Real Value To Your Organization?

I have helped hundreds of companies achieve efficiencies like the example above.  Most often it takes someone from the outside to provide the training and structure needed to get these projects done.  It is not always easy, which is likely why you don’t have them in place now. Book a call with me to discuss how to implement an oversight loop in your business.

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