So what about Facebook?

Is it worth your time to participate? Still think Facebook is only for socialites? You might want to look again because Facebook is revolutionizing business.

Just take a look at Best Buy. They report an ROI of $5 million annually from participation in Facebook.

Does that get your attention?  Not sure how to start or where to go?  Here are 7 tips on how to get started with Facebook.

1-Don’t Push, Participate!

Don’t use Facebook to sell products and services. Use Facebook to drive better quality traffic to your site, increasing your brand’s visibility.

Facebook allows you to target your ads so they only appear to audiences you specify or in a particular geographic area.

2-Jump in, How About 1.2 Billion Friends?

Facebook grew from 10,000,000 to 1,310,000,000 participants from 2006 to 2014. 43% of the U.S. population has a Facebook account. A trusted network is a group of people who come together and share ideas about themselves and others.

3-Build, Build, Build Your Facebook Network

The networks formed in Facebook have become the ultimate influence among your prospects. If you can find ways to build relationships through conversations, a business can create an opportunity to increase sales.

4-Tell Your Story to Your Friends

If an organization can tell its story in ways that engage people so they pass it on to their friends, you can build a culture that receives feedback, both negative and positive, that allows for constant improvement and growth of your network.

5-Show Your Friends Who You Really Are

By placing great photos, videos, interesting articles (blogs), sending gifts, messages, and chat, you can connect to hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers.

6-Target Your Audience

You can target your audience by location and interests. You can test simple images and text-based ads and quickly learn what works. You can control your budget to an amount you’re comfortable with. You can create events, sales, and presentations.

7-Measure It

Measure your leads. Measure your traffic. Measure your increase in brand awareness. Monitoring the number and location of people who visited your website and conversion metrics will help you narrow your target market and bring better qualified leads to your door.

5 Ways to Measure Facebook Visibility

  1. Set goals to increase the number of friends by 100 every 30 days. At the end of the first year that would equal 1200 possible prospects in your network.

  2. Set sales lead goals. 10% would add 10 new leads into your sales funnel and would equal 120 in the first year.

  3. Set a conversion goal of 10% – 20% that would equal 12 to 24 customers in the first year.

  4. Calculate the value of your future business. People don’t buy until they’re ready – normally that’s 6-18 months.

  5. Calculate the new profits, as these sales will continue to grow due to:

  • 1.2 Billion Facebook users with an average of 80 friends
  • Approximately 7,000,000 apps and websites integrated with Facebook
  • 680,000,000 active users on mobile devices
  • Creating psychology of friendship which builds relationships, relationships equal sales
  • The ability to build e-commerce by partnering with Amazon

Still not sure?

Have 30 minutes available?

I will spend 30 minutes (at no obligation) learning about your business and give you additional tips on how to build your brand visibility using Facebook.

I only have 5 slots available for the next week, so contact me and we can set up a time that is convenient for you, again there is no obligation here, just a friendly chat.

Published On: August 5th, 2014 /

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