Why is Ray Kroc the greatest small business person of all time? Because Ray Kroc, a door-to-door salesman, with no business experience and no money, saw an opportunity in a unique small business called “McDonalds”, and in less than 20 years grew it to over 30,000 locations, making himself and his fellow investors multimillionaires and billionaires, creating jobs for millions of people.

Check out the trailer of the new movie“The Founder”about the life of Ray Kroc, starring Michael Keaton. It’s both entertaining and enlightening!



How is this possible?

Ray Kroc documented every system in a McDonalds restaurant that showed each employee, including management, how to run and grow the business, from opening to closing time. He created the branding, the financial records, and all the legal documents required, with the help of people who were proven to have knowledge in those areas of business.

He personally oversaw that every employee followed the system and eliminated anyone that refused to comply, no matter who they were, including the investors. He then spent most of the balance of his career increasing the company valuation. His most valuable personal asset was persistence. Ray almost went bankrupt, he has said, he couldn’t get bank loans, but he persisted through it all and anyone can replicate what he did.

  • Every business has a unique angle, but sometimes owners don’t know how to present it to customers in a way that attracts them.
  • Every business has systems, but sometimes they need adjusting or improving.
  • Every business has a brand, but sometimes it needs to be presented differently.
  • Every business has financial statements and accounting, but sometimes they need deeper analysis to get better results.
  • Every business has some management oversight, but sometimes it needs additional training to get better results.

This is what we do – it’s all we do.

Through the implementation of The Value Builder System, we have simplified the steps to make systemization work in all industries, by optimizing these 8 Drivers of Company Value:

  1. Financial Performance
  2. Growth Potential
  3. Independence
  4. Cash Flow
  5. Recurring Revenue
  6. Uniqueness
  7. Customer Satisfaction
  8. Organizational Development

The Value Builder System has surveyed over 20,000 businesses in every industry. And the research has discovered that companies who achieved a Value Builder Score of 80 and above received 71% higher selling offers for their business, than the industry average.

We invite you to take the Value Builder Questionnaire today. It’s FREE, secure, only takes about 15 minutes, and it makes good economic sense!



Published On: May 11th, 2017 /

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