What Do You Want From Your Business….Has Anyone Ever Asked YOU

As a business owner, you should want and expect your business to be a high-functioning operation that generates growing revenue and profit. If you don’t want that, then put this book down.

Do you want any of the following?

  • Double or triple the industry average profitability
  • Increase the rate of cash flow 50% to 100%
  • Increase the valuation of your Company by 71% or more
  • Enable a motivated team of employees, customers, and shareholders to enjoy the ride up, so you attract the quality people required to continue improving

If I piqued your interest, read on, I’m going to show you exactly how it is done.


Step 1 – Remove Obstacles To Sustainable Profitability

The Obstacles Are Specific And Recognizable, They include: 

  • The lack of systems to handle the complexities in decision-making and communications that come with change and growth.
  • Lack of trained staff in the best methods to predict and delegate or do the work.
  • The failure to develop an effective marketing process that will increase the number of new customers, talented employees, new referrals, and other important relationships to the business.

Step 2 – Develop Systems…No Systems, No Profit! 

To overcome these obstacles, your people must understand that success lies in the systems and profit-minded business owners’ point of view. They can then master this with training tools and develop a strategy that proves that what you’re planning to do matters enough to customers and also that it differentiates you from the competition. You and your team will need to:

  • Establish a five-year objective, a set of standards and work procedures that when communicated effectively to your people leads everyone in the same unified direction.
  • Set a few priorities, create the Key Performance Indicators, review the data weekly to guide decisions and establish an effective daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual meeting to keep everyone knowledgeable. The more systems meetings, the faster the growth.
  • Create a profit and cash plan by paying attention to how every decision affects cash flow and profitability.
  • Develop an organizational structure and training program that is productive and sustainable.

Step 3 – Adopt The Systemic Point of View

Successful management is systemization. To do it, you must think systemically as well as systematically. Systemic thinking means you are aware that your business is a system and it’s composed of macro systems and micro systems all dependent on each other to achieve the result you want for your strategic objective.

You learn to approach each business function by creating systems to accomplish results and solve problems by creating systems to eliminate them. A system is defined as the steps and standards required to achieve a result.

In order to achieve sustainable growth, four macro systems are required:

  1. Marketing and Sales
  2. Management
  3. Operations
  4. Finance and Information 

Step 4 – PROFIT Mindset You Need To Think Like This…

  • Starts a business that can be scaled, turn-keyed, and sold for a desired profit.
  • Looks for and matches markets and products that create automatic customers that have enough potential to make a desired profit.
  • Hires people, employees, and expert consultants to design, plan, systemize, and document training and implementation tools proven to work.
  • Invests resources to ensure that the organization has the tools, equipment, facilities, inventory, people, systems, and training to achieve all key performance objectives – especially profit.
  • Trains, oversees, meets, and develops a management team that can run the business profitably without the owner being present.
  • Constantly improves and innovates systems and people to beat the competition.
  • Transitions out of daily operations or sells the business for that desired profit.

Growth businesses are built based on the number and effectiveness of their strategic growth projects. Goals, plans, and behavior determine what people do and what they accomplish. Growth requires priority – a strategic objective and series of plans driven by systems and quantification create a chain of actions that, over time, achieve growth objectives.

Step 5 – Get To Work….So What Do YOU Want? 

Most consultants would never ask that question, but this is the first question I ask every potential client.  It is critical to understand what you want, not what everyone else thinks you want.

Do you want a business that simple exists or do you want to turn your business into the best that it can be to produce a greater foundation for your employees and better value for you? What you do now and next will determine your path. Your future and the future value of your business are defined by your actions in this moment. Are you willing to invest the time and resources to turn your business into a money-making machine?

Step 6 – Read The Entire Unlimited Profit Book


For a limited time, I am offering a FREE version of the entire Unlimited Profit Book.  Unlimited may seem unachievable, however I see it often once you adopt a profit mindset.  Get your copy now by clicking on the book below.

Published On: April 3rd, 2021 /

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