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 Expert Consultant is the new selling. Research shows 90% of buyers go to the internet to understand and compare products and services they need. In their efforts to find answers, they get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available and the mountains of data they see. Additionally, buyers have less time to perform research and analysis of information to make the best decision. What are they going to do? This is their real problem.

The answer for the buyer is for them to find an expert who already knows all of the options available. A consultant who will guide the buyer to the best solution because they bring insight and trust based on knowledge of all that information. The sales person who utilizes the right knowledge, analysis and education to solve problems is a valuable resource to a buyer with a need or problem to solve. The new sales training includes learning the skills of research, data mining, writing and applying knowledge objectively to bring a perception of expertise to the buyer.

In order to develop valuable insight, the salesperson can’t be a surface operator anymore. Only by uncovering deeper causes of unmet needs can the salesperson be perceived as an expert. The ability to sell a concept is the first critical skill to be learned. Once the buyer accepts the initial concept, they are more willing to answer and ask the types of questions required to truly understand the details that the customer didn’t think of. New solutions unfold as the two come together in a common goal and the methods to achieve it are presented logically.

In order to engage all of the influential parties required to make a final decision, a collaboration of all the buyers and the industry segment they are in is required. Sales are closed because the team agrees that the best solution was arrived at through an expert lead process of knowledge and analysis of options and community involvement.

The selling process includes prospecting, rapport, qualifying, demonstration, influencing, solution proposal development, closing and nurturing. The tools required include white papers, qualifying questions, product and service brochures, answers to possible objections, product and service process maps, proposal pricing data, emails and blogs for nurturing.

By practicing and role playing over and over until there is a smooth flow through the process, as buyers become more qualified and the solution becomes more complex, team players will make hand offs as required so the perception of expertise becomes the reality through the acquisition of a new customer that gives the selling team not just a sale, but a referral. If you have questions, we have answers. Email us at:

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Published On: June 17th, 2014 /

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