Have you ever wondered why you’re constantly putting out fires?

Have you ever wondered why your organization’s productivity is not increasing?

I have learned that problems don’t get solved and productivity doesn’t increase because a business does not have enough effective business systems.

What are Business Systems?

It is the process of documenting the tasks required to achieve a desired result.

Most of us are overwhelmed with information overload and too many activities to take the time to document and measure the process that will improve our results.

I’ve learned, through experience, that all organization’s failures are caused by the lack of effective and followed management business systems.

Those organizations that make the time to learn business process management solve problems faster and better than those that don’t. Process and system’s training also creates the best leaders.

Who Uses Business Systems in Management?

  • All fortune 500 companies
  • 100% of all franchisees
  • The U.S. Military
  • Every successful business owner I’ve met over the last 25 years

How do I Build Systems in My Organization?

Basically, here is what’s involved:

  • Document each task in the process.

  • Develop a method to measure the results of each task.

  • Time each step.

  • Determine the cost of the process.

How do you know if Systems are working?

You must determine if the process is achieving your desired result. If not, where do you need to adjust or make changes? How will you test the changes? What are your thoughts on this?

Processes require continuous improvement. Just the act of measuring your business systems will yield higher productivity.

Are you interested in learning more about how business systems management can help you build a more efficient productive team?

Send us your e-mail and request a free white paper on how to document your systems to improve your organization’s performance today.


Published On: November 21st, 2012 /

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