One often finds that even after successfully implementing process maps and workflows that there are still obstacles in the way of their operations. Since the work already done was a systematic analysis of how the process should be done, it may not mirror how people who operate the process think and behave. This difference in how they view the changes and implementation of a standardized ‘method of thinking’ may be enough to cause them to resist the changes that have been implemented by the efforts of the process mapping.

Process mapping does not have to be the only change in a workplace to cause issues. A promotion, an opportunity to learn a new skill or to train a new person may all be other opportunities for personality issues to cause strife in the operations.

People are driven by their intentions and how they view the world- what has the world, person, or place immediately related to what is happening to them done to or for them? Has an opportunity been taken away from them in a manner that wasn’t explained clearly? That wasn’t sensitive to their feelings? Well then they are likely to have negative feelings towards that experience and perhaps people who were involved.

Did something go well, did they receive praise, or respect by being pointed out as valued resource or holder of a skill? Well, in that case they likely feel positive towards that process, experience, people or event and will go out of their way to follow the process, take ownership of it, and have a sense of pride in what they do.

Amazing what a change of perspective will do! But people are made of what they believe they have been through or experienced with a touch of what will supporting ‘this event’ give me?While being a psychologist is not required, helping people understand their beliefs and getting those beliefs to come into alignment with what you and your organization need is the key to harmony in the workflows and the efficiency to your organization.

Change Influence or Change Management is accomplished through you and your organization’s leadership and via the coaching that superiors provide to their subordinates in order to get their beliefs and feelings to be in agreement with what is necessary for the organization.

Need help in changing attitudes and perceptions? The next couple of weeks will feature leadership, coaching, and vision in our blog discussions but needing training now to get the changes you need is as simple as contacting Holt Marketing & Management Services.

Manage Change Management for the Better!
Published On: November 26th, 2012 /

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